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Emergencies happen at any time

In Chile, one person dies from heart attack every hour, a situation that is repeated if one reviews the statistics worldwide.



In combination with the Iduam Spark and Life One smartband, Iduam will constantly provide you with medical information so you know if you should consult your doctor or if your measurements of heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation are at optimal levels. Best of all, you can perform electrocardiographic monitoring from our app.

Electrocardiographic monitoring

Get your records from the Iduam App and you can access your results from the Application itself as through the Iduam WEB Portal with personalized keys.

Heart rate

Know your Heart Rate in a very simple way from the Iduam App.

Blood pressure

Take your blood pressure test in an instant from our mobile application.

Oxygen saturation

Using the Iduan Life One you can instantly know your blood oxygen saturation.

Safety net

Generate your contact network which will be notified if you have an emergency.


Create your measurement and medicine reminders.


With the Iduam Application in conjunction with the Iduam Spark and Life One smartband you can monitor yourself at all times when executing measurements of your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation and perform an Electrocardiographic Monitoring from our application, which will show you if you are well, or you have to consult your doctor.

La plataforma


They are essential because these quantifying bracelets allow us to monitor your cardiovascular parameters in order to help you improve your lifestyle.

Monitoring and Measurement History

When you hire Iduam and its services you can monitor your Health parameters that will serve as an aid to have a better life. Thanks to the efforts of our professionals, we have managed to create a system that monitors the health status of our users permanently and that provides assistance 24 hours a day, in a preventive and reactive way.


Easily measure your vital signs with the Iduam Spark Smatband, which together with our iduam Mobile Application will allow you to measure your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and carry out your own Electrocardiographic Monitoring. Iduam will return your results immediately, interpreted by an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that will interpret the ECG, as a preventive measure, but this is not a substitute for Medical opinion.

Notifications and Alerts

For greater statistical precision in the levels of Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate, we have the Holter tool, which allows the user to program several measurements in the same day, keeping their Blood Health information at all times, with the In order to prevent a possible emergency.


Service + LIFE ONE Bracelet

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Service + SPARK Bracelet

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